Jeremy Heiler

I am a computer programmer, and I have been one professionally since 2009. I graduated from SUNY Oswego with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. While there, I served a term as President of school's Computer Science Association, and worked as an intern building Java web applications.

Since graduating, I have worked on a handful of enterprise and greenfield projects using Java and Clojure. I currently work in NYC at Shareablee. I am also a co-organizer of Papers We Love and the NYC chapter.


One area of the software field that I enjoy is concurrent and parallel programming. Currently, I am focusing on the JVM, as that's where I have the most familiarity. I am also interested in network programming, and more generally, systems programming. My favorite type of language is lisp, particularly Clojure (mostly) and Racket.


I have yet to speak at a conference or contribute meaningfully to any open source projects that aren't my own. These two things are at the top of my list of things to accomplish, and to continue doing. There's nothing stopping me other than my own arbitrary inhibition.

Contact Information

If you'd like to chat with me, please do so!